How to Navigate the City

Many Americans have grown accustomed to ordering an Uber off of their phone to get around their local environments with ease. However, Tokyo is the only part of Japan with such an app, and the layout is much different. Rather than a ride sharing app, it is simply used to hail a taxi, which is safe but can be very expensive. Lucky for us, there are cheaper and better options!

If you really want to efficiently get around the city of Tokyo, the public transit system is the way to go. The clean busses and trains can be accessed by either the Passmo or Suica, both prepaid cards which can be bought at a vending machine. Furthermore, these cards can also be used to shop at Konbinis, the 24/7 Japanese supermarket. The train and bus system in Tokyo is great because it can easily transport you to any corner of the city in a reasonable amount of time for an inexpensive price.

However, this will be no ordinary experience for tourists. Once on the train, Japanese passengers typically mind their own business while in public, which vastly differs from American culture, which typically encourages conversation at almost all opportunities to. Such an experience could be said to leave foreigners humbled or introspective.

Overall the public transit system in Tokyo is the best way to travel around the city. It is relatively much cleaner and safer than similar systems in America, which is definitely a plus when traveling at night. If you are looking for a cheap and quick way to explore Toyko, the trains and busses are the best option for you.

photos-chrisjongkind-traintokyo trainTokyo-Metro-Map1


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